Interesting applications of Google glass? I encountered very few still. I think some creative minds have to sit together and go for it! Translations of foreign languages, and reading out loud for blind people, or the illiterate. Sure, two minutes of a creative session under the shower, and you will come up with such ideas. But what’s next? Do we really need to translate all people around us? There are so many annoying conversations! Perhaps the glass can assemble them to a nice creative story, or a poem! And of course, there is no reason to only use human input. A sound from an animal can directly translated in a warm male or female voice. The barks of your dog become “Hey! I see someone I don’t recognize!”, or “Dude, I am so hungry!”.

But what about inanimate matter! Why wouldn’t your plant be able to talk to you!? It will kindly remind you that it’s quite thirsty. The glass will swiftly translate its message through bone conduction to you. Of course as soon as everything will be able to talk to you, you will want to block things out. Or else, you will get advertisements from every product on your table until you’ve to be carried away to the madhouse.

A totally different type of game will arise. Be not be surprised that, in the future, there will be a discussion about violent games in which you can virtually kill people with a virtual ax or a virtual chainsaw. A seemingly innocent person with a glass looking at you, might be virtually heaving her ax. You might never know!

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